Why You NEED to Run The Broad Street Run

16 Apr

2014 was the first year I had ever run the Broad Street Run. At the time it was only the 2nd race I ever ran that was 10 or more miles. Looking back on the run the one big thing I remember was “that was pretty easy”.

Now before you go off on a rant saying I didn’t push myself hard enough if I am calling a 10 mile race easy, please let me clarify the statement. The race truly did test me physically, I was exhausted by the time I crossed the finish line and at mile 8 I got the normal cramps a runner typically feels. But what really stood out to me was how runner friendly the course was. No broad-street-run-startreal hills, extremely flat and a good part of it went downhill. I just remember running it and thinking that although I was testing myself physically, it…

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