Boston Marathon 2013

16 Apr

Sooo, I have never run a marathon. I have run several 5k events and lately I have been running (and by running I mean wogging) 5 miles a few times per week. It’s such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to finish and it always makes me feel like I can do anything, like there is promise just up ahead.

Which, is why (among many reasons) I think I feel so terrible for the victims of this Boston bombing. I can only imagine that so many of the runners probably trained so hard to participate in what was likely a life changing event, only to have it marred by this terrible, terrible tragedy.

I just can’t understand why people do terrible things. It’s truly hard trying to explain to your children why people would act this way. I know there is no answer but I’m hoping that the runners will soon run again. Also, I hope they know that while its easier said than done, the best revenge is to keep doing what you love….to run the next race and see the next finish line!

Congrats to all of the participants of the 2013 Boston Marathon, let not this shameful, vile, disgusting act of horror diminish what you have done! Sending true love and well wishes to the city of Boston, all of it’s residents and of course the victims & runners!


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