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Adding Extra Nutrition To Your Favorite Foods: Ground Turkey With Spinach, Onion & Peppers

15 Nov

This post is not necessarily a recipe post. My purpose today is just to give you an idea about how you can make a few tiny changes and instantly make
your food more healthy and nutritious.

Today’s example is Ground Turkey. I often use ground turkey in lieu of ground beef. I find the 93 percent fat free (93/7) ground turkey to be as juicy and flavorful as the 80 percent fat free (80/20) ground beef. However, the turkey has less fat, cholesterol and calories. While, in my opinion, having all of the taste. I know there is also 93/7 ground beef but I find the 93/7 ground beef to rather dry for most of the recipes I use. I also just prefer the sweetness of the turkey.

I often use 93/7 ground turkey for tacos, pasta sauce and even pizza toppings. Another thing I do is sneak in extra vegetables into my ground turkey. Sure you probably wouldn’t expect spinach in your burrito, taco or pasta sauce but…why not? Spinach takes on whatever flavor it’s paired with and it’s a superfood. Yes, spinach is a superfood! It’s high in protein, low calories, high in Vitamin A & J and a great source of folic acid. That’s just a few of spinach’s benefits and it taste good. When I make ground turkey I usually add in about 1/2 a bag of spinach.


Yes, half a bag of spinach sounds like a lot but it quickly cooks down. I also always add onions and peppers to my ground turkey mixture. I always try to make my food as colorful as possible. Colorful foods are usually high in nutrition. Of course, that’s excludes skittles. Lol.


I also like to sometimes put this mixture on top of beans and then add cheese on top. This is great as a dip with tortilla chips or just as a yummy entree.


This can be made early in the week and used later for whatever dish you prefer. So try it and let me know what you think. Bon Appetit!


Savory & Juicy Salmon

9 Nov

Tonight I thought I would make salmon for dinner. However, I wanted to change it up a little. I wanted it full of savory flavor with a light sauce to keep it juicy. Typically, I either make it on the grill or throw it in the oven. Both produce great results. However, tonight I thought I would try a slightly different cooking technique. If you want to try this recipe you will need the following:

Preheated oven to 425%

1lb salmon
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon *Basting Oil
1 Tablespoon mixed seasoning (pepper, salt, herb blend)
Parmesan Cheese

1/3 Cup Broth
1/2 Tablespoon Flavored Butter
1 Pinch of your favorite seasonings

Take 1lb of fresh salmon and lightly seasoned it Wegmans basting oil, lemon & garlic seasonings & cracked pepper.


Then put 1TBS of Olive Oil in a skillet & once it was hot put the salmon in the skillet. Cooked the filets for 1.5 minutes on either side.


Take the salmon out of the pan & placed on a aluminum foil (feel free to use your favorite casserole dish or oven pan, I was in a hurry. Lol) sheet. Topped each filet with Parmesan cheese. I used enough to just cover each filet.


The filets were put into the 425 degree oven and cooked them until they were firm and flaked easily, between 10-12 minutes.

While the fish is cooking take 1/3 cup of chicken broth and added 1/2 tablespoon of shallot & garlic flavored butter. I also added a pinch of lemon pepper & Montreal steak seasonings. This was stirred & then microwaved for 30 seconds or until piping hot.

Once the salmon is done, pour the sauce on top and viola, this entree is done.


The salmon was served with quinoa and corn on the cob.