Why You NEED to Run The Broad Street Run

16 Apr

2014 was the first year I had ever run the Broad Street Run. At the time it was only the 2nd race I ever ran that was 10 or more miles. Looking back on the run the one big thing I remember was “that was pretty easy”.

Now before you go off on a rant saying I didn’t push myself hard enough if I am calling a 10 mile race easy, please let me clarify the statement. The race truly did test me physically, I was exhausted by the time I crossed the finish line and at mile 8 I got the normal cramps a runner typically feels. But what really stood out to me was how runner friendly the course was. No broad-street-run-startreal hills, extremely flat and a good part of it went downhill. I just remember running it and thinking that although I was testing myself physically, it…

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Sequential Story Page 5

12 Aug

Wonder Woman

11 Aug


I’m channeling my inner Wonder Woman as I prepare a very busy 2 months. Starting with this week. I will try to juggle work, my half marathon training, Back To School Night, Board Meeting, Civic Activity and at least one evening conference call and a few other projects that I need to get started on for the next week. Not to mention being mom and wife. Of course that’s just up to Friday. I have another set of activities that start on Sat, but we will think about those after these are complete. Lol, it’s not until I write it all down that I realize how much it all is. Nonetheless, I have no complaints as I can at least say my life is full. I’m doing something different this week. I’m going to try to make several meals tonight and freeze some of them. I’ll let you know how that goes. Stay tuned. Also, feel free to share your Wonder Woman tips.

Boston Marathon 2013

16 Apr

Sooo, I have never run a marathon. I have run several 5k events and lately I have been running (and by running I mean wogging) 5 miles a few times per week. It’s such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to finish and it always makes me feel like I can do anything, like there is promise just up ahead.

Which, is why (among many reasons) I think I feel so terrible for the victims of this Boston bombing. I can only imagine that so many of the runners probably trained so hard to participate in what was likely a life changing event, only to have it marred by this terrible, terrible tragedy.

I just can’t understand why people do terrible things. It’s truly hard trying to explain to your children why people would act this way. I know there is no answer but I’m hoping that the runners will soon run again. Also, I hope they know that while its easier said than done, the best revenge is to keep doing what you love….to run the next race and see the next finish line!

Congrats to all of the participants of the 2013 Boston Marathon, let not this shameful, vile, disgusting act of horror diminish what you have done! Sending true love and well wishes to the city of Boston, all of it’s residents and of course the victims & runners!

It’s Been A Long Time, I Shouldn’t Have Left You

18 Feb

Hi world! How are you? Me? I’m fine…well fine as you can be for someone who has had her world slightly upturned. Anyway, I’m not one to cry over spilled milk. That’s not to say I don’t cry over other things. However, I am not one to wallow, tarry and toil. I am one to work for what I want and what I deserve. So that’s that. On another note, I know I have neglected my baby blog but….ummm I’m back. Don’t know how long I will be back but I’m back. So Pennylovers let’s talk. I always love to talk about food but my pantry has many types of spices so feel free to crash the party with your favorite subject. I look forward to chatting with you. Oh, don’t forget to go on your Facebook site and like my page http://www.facebook.com/pennylovesblog . Thanks so much!

My Greek Inspired Chicken Dinner.

19 Mar

Tonight’s dinner was my version of a Greek inspired dish. It was simple and full of flavor. I simply took 2 chicken breast and sliced them so that they were about 1/4 inch thick. Then I lightly seasoned the chicken. You can use your favorite seasonings. I used a combination of black pepper, paprika and sea salt. I also added a little of the Wegmans Basting Oil. I actually used this basting oil for almost all of my dishes.


I then sautéed it in extra virgin olive oil. I cooked the chicken for 5 minutes each side until it was golden.


I then wrapped it aluminum foil and put it in a 400 degree oven and let it cook for another 10 minutes. While the chicken was cooking in the oven, I threw in the naan bread. Note, I literally threw it in the oven directly on the racks and let it stay for 3-5 minutes until it was golden brown.


The chicken and naan were cut and placed on a platter that included cucumbers, brushetta, feta cheese, pesto and grapes. I also served a side of Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf. The combination was a flavorful and enticing to the tastebuds.



Hey all I just want to say thank you to all who read my little blog. I promise to try to keep it update. Please go to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pennylovesblog and hit like to stay update of all my dinner creations. I love your feedback and discussions. So please go to my Facebook page and hit “like” http://www.facebook.com/pennylovesblog . Thanks so much:)

Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf: A Whole New Way To Enjoy Whole Grains

19 Mar

Today I had a pleasant culinary surprise. I tried this Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf and it was delicious. I was nervous about it being dry and rock hard. However, it was quite tasty. Now, I did boil it in chicken broth and I also added a teaspoon of the Wegman’s garlic parmesan cheese finishing butter. So, I definitely think doing those things added flavor. I also cooked it for 30 minutes instead of the recommended 25. It ended up being a tasty side dish and a nice healthy alternative to white rice and pasta.